Rewarding the goodness in people

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Introducing the MoodCoin


If you had a nickel for everytime you put a smile on someone’s face, well, that nickel would be a MoodCoin. MoodCoin is a way of saying thank you. It’s like baking a pie for a friendly neighbour. It is our community currency but we like to think is more than that. The fun part is that you can use these coins however you like, maybe buy one of our awesome to be t-shirts, or outside in the real world, or just keep them in your pocket for rainy days.


Moodcrawler’s reputation reward system (MoodRep) is a reputation system that allows reputation to be built by changing people’s mood.  The more reputable you are, the more moodcoins you will earn.  Each time you will have a positive impact on someone’s mood, you will get a positive vote.

Merchants and Businesses will see MDC as an alternative when it comes to online payment systems, due to the beauty and security of the blockchain tech behind the curtain.
We do envision businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts for example accepting MoodCoin payment as a fun and easy way of buying that fav donut you can grab on your way to work or Starbucks accepting MoodCoin gift cards as a fidelity program for their customers.







The Math Behind the MoodCoin

Technical Details

Coin name: MoodCoin
Algorithm: X15
Total Coinbase: 250,000,000
PoS Interest: 5%
Coin Suffix (i.e. BTC): MDC
PoS Min Stake Time: 24 Hours
PoS Max Stake Time: Unlimited
Block Maturity: 30 Blocks
Target Spacing: 2 Minute
Rpc Port: 21085

The way you could think of MoodCoin is like this: if you want to analize a new idea, or an implementation of a new idea, and you examine it through the lens of old school frameworks, you may be mislead. To explore this  new idea, we must look at it at a more fundamental level. So we went way back and took a closer look at the basic principles.

So when you think of MoodCoin as money you might say that MoodCrawler is giving away money for changing moods.

However, there aren’t really any marketplaces in the world where you can walk in and spend your MoodCoins. MoodCoins is really only money if we use a particularly broad definition of the word “money” – one that must also include shares. We all know the characteristics of money right? Durability, portability, divisibility, uniformity, limited supply, and acceptability. So let’s talk about the shares.

The fuel of  MoodCrawler, the MoodCoin has been designed with a passive revenue. Using the Sterlingcoin model, MoodCoin’s passive revenue is implemented as interest which is earned at a rate of 5% per year on a users holdings. Passive revenue incentivizes full node participation which further strengthens the network.

Full nodes, wallets and the block explorer  will be released after the ICO ends. You will  be able to check the Github and take a look and analize the bits and pieces of MoodCoin.

Future Plans

A preloaded MoodCard is the safest way to own MoodCoins and be part of the network and the community. MoodCards will be available as freebies at any MoodCrawler media presentation/ conference/press conference. They are ideal for storage of value, gifts & areas where smartphones aren’t supported.
There will be a 1-st generation in a series of MoodCard collectibles with unique designs for every batch.
Second edition of Moodcard will be available in a personalized stainless steel/aluminum credit card holder, limited edition preloaded with MoodCoins for MoodCrawler core team/investors/advisors. Amount to be negotiated.

Network and Infrastructure
Planning and Designing of the initial MoodCoin network infrastructure and its fundamental ideas. Private network for in-house testing.
Moodcoin nodes for supporting the MoodCoin blockchain.

Private Forums
The MoodCoin community gets a place to gather and discuss, review and develop new services.
We want to give our users a chance to discuss in our forum without the noise of other cryptocurrency floating around.

Customer Support Portal
Cryptocurrency and everything related to it can be tough for new adopters. Our customer service and ticketing-based system will help  anyone who has further questions or experiences problems using MoodCoin services.

Moodrep API (Application programming interface)
Allows the reputation of registered users in the MoodCrawler network to be extracted and used on various platforms like blogs, forums, etc. Using specialized programming tools you can start to combine the APIs to get some really interesting information that can’t easily be gathered in other ways such as an RSS feed, creating synergies between social media accounts like Facebok or Twitter, or even tipping your friend with a simple tweet. Further it can be enhanced in such a way to allow businesses to rely on each other based on reputation alone.


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